Can I use payoneer master card to verify with paypal?



I want to register with paypal by using payoneer master card to verify, Can I do that?




  • Nissim
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    If you have a valid PayPal account that supports adding a debit card, you can add your Payoneer card. Note that your Payoneer card is prepaid and so it needs to be active and loaded with funds before you can add it.

  • Israelin
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    How do we add funds to our payoneer card before adding it to paypal? Is there a direct way maybe western union?

  • Abcent
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    Dear Israelin,


    If you have received you Payoneer Master Card, make sure you activate it from your Payoneer "My Account" panel. Once activated, you can receive money from your clients to your Payoneer account by simply giving them your Payoneer email address, same as you do with Paypal.


    Similarly, you can send them a load request using "Load funds" link. Once you have $1.5 or 1.5 Euro or whatever currency you may be opted during Paypal registration. Login to your Paypal account and click "Get verified".


    Follow the step by step process and verify your Paypal account using your Payoneer Master Card. This way not only you will get your Paypal verified but you will also be able to link your Payoneer Master Card to your Paypal account.


    I hope this helps, do let me know if my reply helped you. It feels so good to hear a success story every now and then; plus it encourages me to help people, more!


    To your success!