Payoneer Card & Partners

Hi Guys ,


firstly I want to say I'm more than 1 Year with Payoneer and still more than satisfied with the great Services you offer is just Amazing !



Now I've just a small Question I've already searched in the FAQ but I haven't found any answer :(


Also how many Payoneer Partners can I link to my card exactly ? actually I have 3 linked.


and is ther any news about linking WebMoney directly to my existing card ( as I know they require to order another card directly from them )



Thank you verry much


Mohamed El Hassani


  • Nissim
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    Thanks for the great feedback, I'm happy to hear that you're satisfied with our service!


    There is no limit to the amount of partners that you can link to your Payoneer account. In regards to WebMoney, they still require that you sign up for a card via your WM wallet, which can be used only with WM.