atm withdraw problem

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i did an atm withdraw tonight and i got the message 'connection problem' and i didnt recived the money and when i checked my balance the transaction was marked as done and i have -55.48$

this this the informations about the transaction:

 Date: 6/18/2013 4:09:22 PM

Auth Number: 61350429Terminal Id: 317000419860

ATM Withdrawal International

Local Currency Amount:80.0000 TND
Amount to charge: $55.48 (Including Fees)

thank you



  • Nissim
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    Based on the error you mentioned it sounds like the ATM may have malfunctioned. In most cases it automatically corrects itself and refunds the amount within a few days.


    I would suggest contacting the bank and asking for their assistance. If you do not see a reversal in the next few days, please contact our customer support department to file a dispute:

  • kaisus
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    i'am still not recived the money lost

    i have contacted the bank but they told me to contact the credit card provider

    i did a dispute but still didnt recived a repense


    i'am an old user of payoneer card i did hundreds of transactions and never had problems until now


    please can you help me Nassim


    here is my case id:LTK1215303349568X


    thank you

  • Nissim
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    We received your e-mail and it is pending to be reviewed. Our customer support department will review it and get back to you with further details.