Forgotten password

Hello, i have forgotten my password, and i can`t remember the mobile phone # to reset it.

Around 2 weeks ago a guy from the live chat told me to e-mail a scanned photo of my ID.

I was told that i will recive an answer in a few days

I did that like 1 week ago and i still got no answer.

What's happening?

unique ticket number: LTK1215303325686X



  • Nissim
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    Please note that e-mail to our support team take several days to be reviewed. Please be patient while they review your e-mail and you will receive an update within the next few days.


    For further assistance you will need to follow up directly with our customer support department as this is not an issue we can assist you with here on the forum.

  • davidica232
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    I am more than patient. 

    This letter that we receive after we place a ticket should be updated from 4 business days into 10+



    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your email.


    This is an automatic reply. Our Customer Support staff will contact you within 4 business days.



    Anyway thanks for the update!

  • Nissim
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    edited June 2013

    Your e-mail was sent on June 17, and as I already mentioned should be reviewed within the next 1-2 business days. I do apologize for the delay.