Google Adsence in France

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I have french Google adsence account. I would like to know if it's possible to use US payment Service to receive payout from Google Adsence.


When i try to add bank account in google adsence, i must write 2 numbers:


IBAN number

BIC number (SWIFT)


But US payment Service work with 2 others numbers "Bank Routing Number" and "Account number".

Just people who live in USA can receive payout from Google Adsence on Payoneer?

It's possible in France too, thanks you to help me.


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    Payoneer does allow you to receive payments from Google using the US Payment Service, however you need to have a valid Google account with the option to withdraw funds to a US bank account.


    Due to Google regulations regarding payments, this option may not be available for non-US Google accounts, due to which you may be unable to receive payments to Payoneer. I would suggest visiting this topic on the Google Product Forum and leaving your feedback:!msg/adsense/r_NC76UHrfw/pfJBqqv7JB8J