I will love payoneer to work with cashcrate.com

I was recently asked by the owner of cashcrate.com with over 6million users if your site would be okay as a payment method and I said yes. Please I will like you to contact them and inform them of how benefit payoneer.com will be to them if they use it as a payment method before they change their mind. It is a great site with the highest number of users online and their users will all divert to using payoneer.com if they are given the opportunity instead of check. I have a lot of money their which I asked them to hold until they start using payoneer.com or webmoney. Please contact them now, most of their users are from US and top European countries, and all countries will start using them if they notice they have payoneer.com as payments processor. They are as popular as clickbank.


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    Thanks for taking the time to join our forum and provide your feedback. If you could please PM me the contact details for someone at cashcrate.com, or have them e-mail me at [email protected], I would be happy to discuss with them further about adding Payoneer as a payment method.

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    Please one of the cashcrate staff said he contacted you about paying me through payoneer but he was told that they can only open an account with you if they will make payment to more than 10 people. Please I want you to help me out, I want them to pay me my money through payoneer, Up to $2000. And more than $500 monthly. Is there any how they can pay me alone through payoneer without registering as a company? Or is it possible for payoneer to contact them and receive the money from them. Please it is urgent, i will need your reply today or tomorrow before I look for other means. Your customer care takes time to respond to support ticket. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.
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    There is no such way. In order to become a partner a company needs to have at least 10 payees, as cashcrate have been told. They cannot pay you solely.


    I'm sorry.


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