just recieved my card

Hi, I have received my 1st card which is estimated to arrive between 07 May 2013 and 14 May 2013 and you have also approved another card as the card is not shipped to at the regular shipping time but as now I have the card I now want activate the card and if this is possible i want to use the both card also I will pay the fees for both card please I am asking you to unblock my card if this is possible or otherwise I think I have to wait for another 1month for replacement card which is estimated to arrive between 20 June 2013 and 27 June 2013 but because my last card was 1 month late from the estimated time i think it will also do the same.


Thank You

Saad Bin Saif


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    We allow only (1) active card per account. If you received the original card you can contact our customer support department and they will re-enable it for you: http://www.payoneer.com/contactUs.aspx

  • Saad.Bin.Saif
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    Hi , Thank you for the reply i have sent a Email to customer support but yet i don't received  a reply and yours live chat is always viewing "OFF-LINE" Can you please do this for me? fix the issue i have saw in many forums you fix customers problem manually can you do this for me also ? because i need to withdrawn my money from the partners site please unblock the orginal card and do whatever you want to do with the 2nd card. My user email address:- [email protected] thank you

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    E-mails to our support team take several business days to be reviewed, however for immediate support you can contact us via telephone or live chat.


    I see that the issue was already resolved and your original card is now available for use :thumbsu:


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