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Good morning everyone.


I've experiencied recently an issue , accessing my payoneer's account. When I sign in , it pops up with this message : "blocked account , contact support" .

However , I've contacted them on live chat , but it didn't solve anything . The only answer i've got is : "My account has been blocked for disclosed reasons. Please change your billing method on Odesk "

I don't know if I messed up with something , and i don't remember , have done something wrong.

So, when I contacted Odesk team. They said that , my account has been blocked and they can't access payoneer's system." I'm realy confused about that ..


I'm waiting for your feedback.



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    It sounds like your account may have been disabled, which is generally due to an issue related to our Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately in this case we will be unable to assist you, and you will have to find another payment solution.

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