Private Load Limit is Daily, Monthly or Until Approval?

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I'm wondering how the private load works. To be more specific, I have a client who needs to pay me more than $1000. I thought he could just make multiple loads and we would be fine, but for some reason after the first load the Max Allowed drops to 0 and stays there.

Why is that? Does the Private Load has a limit and if it does, what's the limitation? It's a time limit like daily thing or hourly or monthly??? Or its per approval, so before he can make the second load his first payment has to change status from pending to approved; after that the Max allowed is reset back to $1000 and he can make his second load?

Thanks in advance!


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    The limit is $1,000.00 per day.


    Each payment you received is reviewed on an individual basis and subject to approval by our payment department. 

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