Shipping Address and Billing Address

Is Shipping address and billing address are same or different because i have applied for payoneer and thay ask me for my private address and shipping address i gave my different address in private and shipping address now my private address is showing in my billing address and i can't find my shipping address in payoneer account can i get my card on my shipping address or they will send on private address ?


  • Nissim
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    The shipping address is not listed on your account, and used only internally for us to send your card to you. You can confirm/change it by contacting our customer support department.

  • teddy
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    hi nissim i applied for payoneer mastercard about two months ago, approximated time of arrival has already lapsed and am yet to recieve the card. How do you handle such cases since i have been unable to access my papay cash and deperately in need of your services

  • Nissim
    Nissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It's possible that the card is delayed in your local postal system. In this case you will need to contact our support department so that they can check your account and assist you further (perhaps ordering a new card):

  • Muneer.ahmed
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    Problem Solved I Love Payoneer Customer Help Service :) 

  • DiamondPRINCESS
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    I have one question. I'm moving to another country and I guess it is necessary to update my new billing address... Would you please tell me how to do that? Do I need to contact your support department...?

    Thanks in advance...

  • Romi
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    I unfortunately cannot help you with this here on the forum - please contact our support department for assistance:


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  • DiamondPRINCESS
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    OK, thanks for information... :)