Bank Statement with my name/address?

Chris C
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so, my problem is that Paypal asked me for a document with my name and address on it (they said a bank statement should do, but the PDFs I can print from my Payoneer account history only show the last numbers of my card).


Is it possible to get something like that? Or should I try to get it from my local bank?

...not sure because I only use Payoneer's card and USPS together with paypal, and their customer support is answering most of my questions by quoting their FAQs, so i thought i'd ask here.


  • Nissim
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    The US Payment Service is a collection account and not an actual bank account. In general PayPal will only ask for this information if you try to charge your US Payment Service, or if there is some other issue with your account.


    I would suggest contacting PayPal and attempting to resolve the issue with the Payoneer online account statement.