Payment Waiting For Approval

I have transferred some funds from a PAYPAL account (where my Payoneer Card and US Payment Service are verified) but the Payment is still waiting for Approval.

Payment ID: 7164766 

Payment Date (EST.): 06/28/2013 16:45
Payment Status:Payment waiting for approvalICO-Pending.png 

Amount to Load: $300.00 (applicable fees will apply) 
Loader details: Payoneer Direct Deposit Payroll


help me


  • ivanbpivanbp Member Posts: 277 ✭✭

    hello, the transfer takes a maximum of 7 days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, in my case is 2 days in the approval of paypal and then another 2 days, to appear in my account payoneer.

    Total 4 days, in my case


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