Can't connect my payoneer master card to App Store

glebus Member Posts: 1

When I try connect my payoneer master card to App Store i recieve error with text "Your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method". Why it can be?

Thank you.


  • TristanP
    TristanP Member Posts: 49 ✭✭

    Apple's App Store quite often rejects cards for multiple reasons. Reasons might be your IP is not originating from the same country as in your profile, you're using a foreign App Store, you're using a debit card/not a credit card, the credit card is supplied in a different country or they discriminate against cards issued in particular countries in general.


    You should contact the support of Apple's App Store for assistance with this issue. If I were you I would do it as soon as possible, since this error might also bug you if you for instance want to install free apps. (Not sure if removing the card info is a solution for that, though.)