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I am Wajahat Karim. I have been using Payoneer card for last 4 months now. I am enjoying the features Payoneer provided, and I would like to say thanks to Payoneer for this great card.


I have been using payoneer card with Freelancer.com, and its working like a charm. :)

Now, recently I have created a Google Play account of UK, and my Google Checkout acount says to provide bank information to connect Checkout with. I have US Payment Service active, and I have got Bank Name, Bank Account Number, and Bank Routing Number. But, in Google Checkout, they ask Bank Name, Bank Account Number, and Bank Sort Code. I tried to put routing number in place of sort code, but sort code is limited to 6 letters and routing number contains more than 6 letters.


I have attached an image of Google Checkout Bank Information form. Please help me to resolve this problem Thanks


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    Hi, I found this:


    "A Sort Code is a unique number assigned to each bank in UK to identify the bank branch of the customer's account. Sort Code is unique bank and branch identifiers used in the UK. SORT Code is three pairs, six digit number. For Example: 123456 or 12-34-56"


    So, since First Century Bank isn't a British bank... Maybe you can only add british banks to your account, but I don't know. 

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    Payoneer does allow you to receive payments from Google using the US Payment Service, however you need to have a valid Google account with the option to withdraw funds to a US bank account.


    Due to Google regulations regarding payments, it's possible that this option may not be available for non-US Google accounts, due to which you may be unable to receive payments to Payoneer. I would suggest visiting this topic on the Google Product Forum and leaving your feedback: https://productforum...fw/pfJBqqv7JB8J


    US banks use routing number, bank name and bank number - which we provide for you in the USPS. please try to see in your Google account if you can change the country, or perhaps add a US bank account instead of a UK one.


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  • mnadeemmmnadeemm Member Posts: 9

    Hi Wajahat ,

    Can you please help me to create an Google Play account with Payoneer ? Here is what I have tried:

    I am from pakistan. I tried many times and I was unable to create a account on Google Play for selling the Apps.

    So, here is what I want to ask from you :

    While placing order for account (costs $25). I gave the exact details as are in my Payoneer account. The details I entered were: 

    Name , Card No. , Billing Address (same as in my payoneer),  country (Pakistan) . And that didn't work my order canceled and account was suspended.

    So, Please please help me if you can to work around of this issue. Here is the message I got from them



    We were unable to verify the account information for your recent purchase with Google Wallet. As a result, your account has been temporarily suspended and your recent order has been cancelled:

    Order date: December 31, 2013 1:38:11 PM PST
      Google order number: 05912476870148976978.token.1345663981216549



    I would really appreciate your help. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  • WajahatKarimWajahatKarim Member Posts: 2

    Hi mnadeemm,


    Its been a long time since I posted this question. I even forgot about this question. Well, here is the thing about how Google Play works.


    There is a Google Wallet, and there is a Google Play. Google Wallet merchant is only supported in few countries (Pakistan is not included in the list). At following link, you can see the list:




    So, through Pakistan you can create Google Play account but you can't create Google Wallet merchant account. After you register for the account, Google Play will ask about verification details. THis mail is sent at any time. For example, some get this mail soon after registration, some get this mail after few months after registration while acount is running, some get this mail when they publish their first app on Google Play etc. This mail will ask about the residential address verification to confirm the country. They will ask about Passport, Driver License, or Utility Bills with address mentioned. If you fail to verify this process for any reason, you can't move ahead. This is thoughest part at Google Play.


    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more confusions.

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