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Hi there,


(Usually I'd give a formal introduction on communities/forums before proceeding to post on another topic, but currently I'm in a slight dilemma so kindly excuse me. )


Just recently I wanted to load money onto my payoneer card and was considering to use moneybookers, which I even did except one small problem: Either I messed up with the required code for adding my US payment service account or the required input was invalid to begin with.


The US payment service supposedly gives me a bank account number and a routing number, but on moneybookers when I select "United States of America" then instead of being able to type the routing number I get a bank/sort code.....which I don't have apparently.


Out of error in judgement, I tried to do it anyway by inputting the routing number in place of the bank/sort code.


The withdrawal seemingly processed within a matter of minutes, except there's no balance showing up in my payoneer card. So what went wrong and how to rectify this?


Plz reply and help me out asap


~Thanking in advance



  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Bardon,

    When did you perform this withdrawal from Moneybookers? Please note that it usually takes 3-4 business days for payments to get to us and be processed and reviewed.


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  • BardonBardon Posts: 2Member

    Hello Romi,


    I withdrawed it today (aka a few hours ago) but because of the difference in wording (asking for sort code instead of routing number), I wanted to make sure if there weren't any errors in regards to this when I attempted to make the transaction.


    Note: This is obviously my first time using moneybookers for loading money on payoneer.

  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    Basically, a sort code is the equivalent of the routing number. Sort codes are used in British banks, while routing numbers in US Banks. As long as you were able to submit the withdrawal and add the routing number there should be no problem and you'll just need to wait the time that I stated until the funds are processed and come into our system to be reviewed etc.


    If there is an issue and in a few days' time you fail to see this incoming payment, I suggest you contact Moneybookers directly and see what's the issue - if it hasn't arrived with us something happened on the way and we won't be able to see what went wrong, only they can.


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