Need a withdrwal reverse to odesk

Hello all,

I withdrew funds to my payoneer account(affiliated with odesk), When i tried to send the money to a friend who is still using payoneer, i found that it was imposible since odesk has withdrawn the option. I contacted odesk to reverse my withdrawal, but they claimed that i shoul contact payoneer. I tried to talk with payoneer but i havent gotten any response. I want to know how i can get my reverse back to my odesk, or how i can send that money to another person who uses payoneer or send the money to paypal.

I have not yet received the mastercard.


Thanks. Martin.


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    The main purpose of Payoneer is to receive payments via our partners and/or the US Payment Service. You cannot transfer funds from the Payoneer card to PayPal or to a bank account etc.

    oDesk, specifically, has disabled the card to card service. This service is not supported by every partner and when you signed up you could see this in the terms of oDesk and Payoneer.

    We don't reverse such withdrawals once you've sent it from oDesk to your card.


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