How do I get my card or is there a direct wire for INTL clients?

Hello Payoneeros, 


I live in the DOminican Republic and am a bit confused.  In order to receive money there are 2 ways?  Wire transfer and debit card? 


 I looked at the debit card thing, but it says that Payoneer will only send direct to beneficiary (card holder) so I was gonna put a PO box so it can get forwarded to me, but I assume they wont, becaus eof that policy.


If by wire?  Where do I click to apply for that form of payment?


Thanks guys.


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    Hi Mauricio,


    In order to ship the card you can use a PO Box (as shipping address), but for the account address (Billing address) you must have a residential address and cannot use the PO Box.


    We have a service called GBT (Global Bank Transfer), which allows you to receive payments to your local bank account. However, this service is only available with select partners (companies we work with). If a partner has it enabled, you may sign up for the service. Please note that you cannot have both the card and the GBT service with 1 partner.


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