Few issues with payoneer, and bad support

Hello guys,


I decided to write here because usually whenever I was searching for a payoneer advice I always would stumble upon some forum post of a community member or administrator, and as I can see it is way easier to actually get some support here than at a real support livechat or ticket.


Now, please bear with me during my initial story as it can take awhile.

About 2 years ago I ordered myself a payoneer card via freelancer.com partnership program, I used it a bit briefly, then it was stolen with my wallet and I actually wasn't in need of it so I just called payoneer and they blocked it.


After 2 years I got myself an Elance.com account, we started it with a friend of mine, and it was all going pretty good, until we were thinking on how to withdraw money from Elance. This is where things started to get a little bit ugly. I was informed that as I do have freelancer account I am unable to receive\send payments via card-to-card option, as well as my friend, as he have elance partnership program card.


I asked support representative for a obvious solution - register ourselves 2 'normal' payoneer accounts and just add one of them to the system and use a card-to-card option.


I went to register myself a new payoneer acc, and got a reply from verification team that I need to use old one, a freelancer partnership one, as I can't have multiply accounts in the system. 

Well okay, fair enough, but I am now unable to use card-to-card option at all, I mean, if I understood correctly there is simply no way for me to use this option at all?




Now, after some time me and my friend, with whom we've started this elance thing, decided to separate our ways in terms of making business together, and problem is - he added his card to now my elance acc. The only way to remove a payoneer card from elance acc is to email to [email protected], which I of course did. Elance team successfully removed payoneer account from my elance acc, but when I've tried to add my own payoneer account to the elance system I received this message:



Oops! It looks like you’ve already submitted your Payoneer application.
To log in to your account please click here.
If you did not receive your card, or are unable to access your account, please contact our Customer Support department.



Payoneer Support told me that my friend Alex now need to contact them and to ask them to remove elance id from his acc.

Now, I need my payoneer card ASAP and what if he will never contact payoneer?

How can I remove un-needed payoneer card connection from MY elance account?



So, right now I do need to withdraw my money from Elance, and only suitable way I found is to order myself a new plastic using my old freelancer.com payoneer acc.

There is no straight way to put money in it so I had to actually go to freelancer.com in my acc, add myself some funds via paypal and withdraw them to payoneer, and still I need to wait 3 days to have this done.


Then I will be able to order myself a new plastic with DHL shipment and IF my friend Alex will actually go and ask support to remove MY elance id from his payoneer acc - I will be able to receive my elance money to payoneer acc. This is also if I will be able to tie a freelancer payoneer card to elance acc.


So now I have following issues:


-It looks like there is no way for me to have a 'normal' payoneer acc, I am tied up with freelancer one forever?

-If Alex will not contact your support, I will be just left without any ability to use payoneer as a withdrawal option?

-If everything actually works, can I grab my plastic from DHL office without them delivering it to my home? I'm rarely at my home nowadays, have a lot work to do.





Last but not the least - payoneer support seems like a joke, I never ever even rely on tickets anymore as they're answered in 5-10 days, if answered at all, and all of my friends who was using payoneer in the past  - switched to different card providers because of the lack of normal support. If I would be able to do a wire from elance to different prov. I would do the same as well, but all of card providers usually using one IBAN and elance only allows one unique IBAN in the system.


Now, another thing about livechat - every single one customer representative I've encountered there were just trying to get rid of me, and not provide any help.

They were trying to avoid helping me with my problems, and just to make me go away, one of them even promised me he will be online in 1 hour and he wasn't so I had to write down this full story to another guy AGAIN.


So I am asking you community managers and admins, can you please look into my wall of text and help me? Can you pass this to someone who in charge of support and RND to implement this simple but very important features or at least help me with my problems?


Basically overall withdrawal process is crippled now as one single problem can lead to a whole withdrawal chain failure.


My  old freelancer payonner account email is [email protected], and I was using it for all of the livechats, if you would like to dig into that, and my new account, which I am unable to use because I need to link it to old one, which I am unable to do because I need to get myself a new plastic, which I am unable to do because I don;t have funds under my acc, which I don't have because freelancer is processing my withdrawal request, is [email protected]




  • Vames
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    The whole thing is a joke. I've had the same problems with CS trying to get rid of me. Recently, I had a string of failed transactions, and that cost me $7. $7 is a lot of money in my country for your information. This need to take a fee for failed transactions is so ridiculous. Furthermore, recieving payment is slow, I really do hate that every month I have to come here complaining about the long wait. I sent cash to my card 5 days ago and up to this day, nothing has come through.

  • crashus
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    Was bombarded with predefined replies once again.


    Amount of help received from livechat was very similar to 0%

  • crashus
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    Joel: For security reasons, we need you to provide proof of residence for this address.

    Joel: It can be a water,electricity,phone or gas bill. Will you be able to send one now so I can ship a new card to you?

    Eugene: I'm afraid I don't handle these at all. This is why I wanted to grab my card at the DHL office. Is there any way for me to get my card via DHL? Can we DELETE my accounts from the system and will I be able to create a new account without all these problems? And ship myself a new card via DHL and grab it in their office?

    Joel: I am looking into this for you. One moment please.

    Joel: Who pays the bills for that address?

    Eugene: someone from whom i rent this and it will be very hard for me to convince this person to share these bills 'for some reason'. Problem is - I still not able to see ability to add card to Elance from my end. For example, if I would to add another, fully working payoneer card to my acc - I still would not be able to do this. It still shows same old message. On the other hand, If I would be able to add Elance - I would be able to withdraw money from it, and able to just order a new card via DHL.

    Eugene: So my concern is that initial issue is not fixed

    Eugene: Elance should not have to do anything with my plastic, it just must be able to allow me to add ANY payoneer card right now, and they definitely told me numerous times that issue from your end and even provided me with payee id as you can see

    Joel: Unfortunately, you need to provide proof of residence for your new address.







    You see? He is not even slightly interested into fixing my problem. He just wants to get rid of me.