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Since Payoneer offers a card to literally anyone, friend of mine applied for a card for his mother to be able to send her a money to another country. She received a card but she can not receive a card to card transfer until she receive a money from a whitelist company that Payoneer works with. Is this correct? Is there any way that she can receive a card to card transfer without initial load from a company, since she does not work for any?


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    The Payoneer card is focused on payroll and payout services - it is not meant for personal use. When someone applies for a card it is mainly to receive payments from partners (businesses we work with) and/or via our US Payment Service, which allows individuals to get paid by US companies.
    Only when a cardholder is active in one of these methods or both, can he have an option for card to card transfers (between Payoneer cardholders) and private loads (loading money to a Payoneer card with a regular credit card). These are minor services and are only open to active customers.


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    Ok, thank you Romi.

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