How to withdraw USD from Paypal to Payoneer in the UK

I have a UK paypal account.


To withdraw USD from paypal in to a USD account I have to have an account based in the USA. I have read that Payoneer can be used for purpose, but I am not sure if which Payoneer account to apply for:


1) the Individual account; or

2) the Partner account.


Can anyone help?


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    You cannot apply for a partner account if you're using a card for yourself - a partner is a company that has over 10 people to pay.

    Regarding PayPal limitations - please note that we are not affiliated with PayPal so cannot control anything on their end.


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  • canemafijacanemafija Posts: 28Member ✭✭

    well payoneer have no contact with this as i think ...


    best wishes

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