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I'm part-time freelancer and I apply for an Payoneer card and account to be payed for non-Desk contracts (Private loading) or for transfer my earned money from Paypal to Payoneer card.


Private loading not work because need "more activity". Ok, my employer send me 40$ using US Payment Service and Payoneer keep 30$ for anual tax. Great until now. Five days ago, I withdraw from my Paypal Account 250$ to Payoneer US account. Even today, my money is not in my Payoneer card. Support team tell me -Payoneer US account is not active- and treat me like a international criminal or terrorist, every person from support staff ask and request same information's or documents, including show them exactly my work for my employers... Very strange request.


I provide all information and documents requested, including my Odesk public account (history of my jobs and earnings) and personal contacts for my employer. My ticket is LTK1215309801805X


Finally, I hope to get my money. However, in the future I have great reservations that I will use or recommend this service.






  • RomiRomi Community Manager Member Posts: 2,692 ✭✭✭

    Hi Nicolae,


    First of all I'm sorry that your experience with our support department has left you feeling like a "criminal" as you said or caused you any inconvenience.

    Regarding private loads - it's true that this is only an additional service which is open only to active cardholders, since the focus of Payoneer is payroll services (from partners and via USPS).


    Regarding the US Payment Service - what I understand from what you wrote is that you needed to verify your details before being able to use the service. Perhaps this was a re-review of the account, which is something that Payoneer must do from time to time, due to us being a US regulated company. We must meet certain terms and regulation in order to be able to process USPS payments and provide this service to our cardholders. This is the only reason we ask for documents, screenshots - for verification.


    I see that you USPS was approved yesterday and payments went through.

    Again - sorry for your customer support experience and I hope this won't happen again.


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  • mervikmervik Member Posts: 5

    Hi Remi,


    Indeed, the problems were solved.


    I understand and it's normal to be checked. The problem is that I think was exaggerated or not properly focused, because my delayed money come from my verified Paypal account, so is Paypal responsibility to check source of money. Again, not undestand request to explain affiliation with a old employer when delayed money come from my verified PayPal account, not from employer account.

    If an Odesk account is linked to Payoneer account, why could not ask for the link to my public profile on Odesk? It was easy for me to show.




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