Help! I cant access my account. Do I need to get a new card

I havent used my payoneer account or card for some time now and when I went to access my account I realised I had forgot my password. I clicked on the "forgot password?" link and correctly answered the security questions. Unfortunatelty my new password has been sent to an email address that I no longer use and I have forgotten my login details for that email address. I cannot access the email adress to retreive my password.


I could not think of any other way to access my payoneer account so I applied for a new payoneer card and account. I then received an email from Payoneer asking why I requested a payoneer card when I already have an active card.


I sent an email a few days ago explaining that I could not access my current card and account because I have lost my password and cannot get a new password because I cannot access my email address that I had used for Payoneer. I have not received any feedback or answer about this.


Is there a way to get a new password without getting a new card and account? if there is not I need a new card to be sent to me because I want to use the Payoneer service regularily now.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Precy Flavier.


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Member Posts: 2,706 ✭✭✭

    Hi Precy,


    I understand the issue but unfortunately cannot assist with this on the forum. Please stay in contact with customer support and they will assist you.


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  • canemafijacanemafija Member Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Customer support are the solution ! they will find a way to help ya :)


    good luck 

  • rezaxrezax Member Posts: 12

    i think sharing your id proofs will be a great help for the support to identify you. so you must prepare you identity proofs and did you vreify them properly when you open your account?

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