no idea how to meet your requirements


I have had my payoneer card for some months now.  Sadly, it it useless as I can not manage to meet your requirements that will allow another payoneer user to send me money. 


When another payoneer user tried to send me money they get the vague message "Invalid or ineligible details provided".    Anyway of finfout out what those details might be?  or how I can go about providing them?


The process to actually use the card is turning out to be quite a catch-22.  For example payoneer states:


"You need to make sure that both the sender and receiver meet the requirements for card to card transfers. This means that they both need to have the option, and both need to have received at least (1) payment to their account (from either a partner, or the US Payment Service)."


Unfortunately, I have no relationship with ANY fo your approved partners, so I do not have any way of getting them to send me money as a prerequisite for enabling my card to word card-to-card.


Payoneer also states:


"You can check if you have this option by logging into your "My Account" page under "withdrawals" you will see an optionf for transferring money to another Payoneer card."


But this link, or even word 'Withdrawls" does not appear anywhere I can see when I am in "My Account".  I do see "Sending money", which I assume it close to, if not the same as, withdrawing money, but that only has the option to send to another cards, which, of course I can't do as i have no money on the card and can't figure out how to get any money on the card (hence the card-to-card transfer).


Can someone, anyone, please tell me how I can actually use this card?  I have followed every instruction I have managed to find.  What am I missing?


Thank you


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    There are two main ways to get payments on your card:
    1. Partners (sites/businesses we work with)
    2. US Payment Service (a service which allows you to receive payments from many approved US companies such as PayPal, Amazon, eBay and more)
    Only when a cardholder is active in one of these methods or both, can he have an option for card to card transfers (between Payoneer cardholders) and private loads (loading money to a Payoneer card with a regular credit card). These are additional services and are only open to active customers.


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  • VicVic Member Posts: 76 ✭✭

    you should also let him know it takes way more than receiving 1 payment from a partner to be allowed to use these services! because I have been receiving payments from a business partner which I referred to payoneer for several years now and I still can't use those services! I was able to until this year then payoneer decide to change the rules so they could keep private loads down for some reason and now you have to reach a payout from partner cash limit of $150 within a certain period of least that's what I was told by one of the mods on this form!


    Now if I'm wrong I need someone to reinstate my private loads privileges because plugrush has been paying me $25 every month for about a year now! I have missed the money amount by just a few dollars and a few days for months now and I see no way of ever getting private loads back because I only use plugrush from your partners list none of the other partners are of any use to me and I can't get anyone to sign up to payoneer through my affiliate account......they like your competition better because they offer all the stuff listed in this post for a small fee!

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