Are you from Bangladesh and using bKash?

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Are you from Bangladesh? If so, this question is for you!
Do you currently use bKash? Would you be interested in an option to withdraw from bKash to Payoneer, or from Payoneer to bKash? Let us know!


  • MyWayMyWay Member Posts: 118 ✭✭
    Hi @Nissam I'm not from Bangladesh, but I find the service at Google sound interesting
    If I am from Bangladesh, I vote for this service
    I hope that soon an interesting proposal like this for the Pakistani people 
  • Bilal SheikhBilal Sheikh Online Freelancer VIP Member Posts: 82 ✭✭

    I got a question from Payoneer to their Facebook page at


    The question is for Bangladeshi users only.


    I want to suggest the option "bKash to Payoneer" and "Payoneer to bKash" would be great for all Bangladeshi users.


    Please add this feature soon!

    Find me on Google+ Read my blogs on

  • abbasuddinabbasuddin Member Posts: 1

    I am really excited to see this amazing feature in my country. I love Bangladesh and I know there is no valid payment method to upload funds online, for this reason we are very concern to purchase online. We are helpless paying fees online or buying books.

    Please step ahead and give us a chance to proper use of your master card. You know all the people has no ability to earn online but they did well in own business. Now most of people of BD can proper use of master card powered by Payoneer if they are not eligible for outsource payment.


    I see 99.99% of people will vote for this feature if they understand what's going on....   unfortunately, all the Bangladeshis are not involved in “Payoneer community” including the card holders.

    So, it's a request please make this feature on a beta version then everything will be great.


    Thanks to the Payoneer community.

  • IbrahimbdIbrahimbd Member Posts: 1
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    Mr Nissim

    I am glad to know this information from my friend that payoneer is thinking to upload and withdraw money with bKash in Bangladesh. I am a Bangladeshi and I know that 100% Bangladeshi people will vote for getting this service because there is no valid service that can be used to upload money online in Bangladesh. Many people in Bangladesh are waiting for a good online service that helps upload money to do online shoping and withdraw freelancer's payment within short time securly. I really appreciate for this idea. Please go head and execute the plan.


    Many many thanks to Mr. Nissim

  • dreamartsdreamarts Member Posts: 4

    Please add this feature soon!

  • rezaxrezax Member Posts: 12

    it would be great but the fees must be resoable.

  • shanushanu Member Posts: 1

    Yes, we need it.

  • pt-coolpt-cool Member Posts: 3

    adding BKash will be great.

  • hasanethasanet Member Posts: 1

    It would be great if you can add bkash to Payoneer and vice versa

  • nasif123nasif123 Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    Would be great if Payoneer add this bKash feature for Bangladeshi Payoneer user :)

  • simsansimsan Member Posts: 1

    bKash is not good for transfer large amount of money. bKash take 1.85% charge for withdrawal from bKash account. (if i withdraw $2000 USD from payoneer to bKash. then bKash will be charge $37 for withdrawal from bKash account.)


    bKash is not a Bank. So, Dollar-Taka conversion rate will be very low. bKash is a subsidiary of BRAC Bank. Better is give this option on BRAC Bank. We will be use BRAC Bank.


    Best option is link Payoneer to a Bangladeshi any internet banking Bank (DBBL/BRAC/IBBL).

    DBBL/BRAC/IBBL (internet banking) to payoneer and payoneer to DBBL/BRAC/IBBL (internet banking) will be best for large amount transfer in Bangladesh.

  • hasanrang05hasanrang05 Member Posts: 1

    This will be great service as we are looking for...

    bKash is recommended as user of bKash


    we will be thankful to Payoneer  if this happening very soon


  • mdgolam_smdgolam_s Member Posts: 1

    We NEED THIS service strongly. We ARE using bKash..!! 

  • armantringarmantring Member Posts: 1

    Please add bKash It will be the best option to transfer our money from Bangladesh

  • sabujjusabujju Member Posts: 1

    bKash is the most available mode of withdrawal in Bangladesh. bKash outlets are available even in the remotest parts of the country. So, I think adding bKash as a method of withdrawal will greatly benefit freelancers from Bangladesh.

    One thing I wonder about is the fee per withdrawal.

  • emranemran Member Posts: 1

    Its a great news for me :)

  • SalehSaleh Member Posts: 1

    It will be great for us.

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  • ahasan_al_rabbiahasan_al_rabbi Member Posts: 1

    Yes, we want it.

    It will be a big advantage for us.

  • bipulbipul Member Posts: 2

    Great !! Please add this feature soon.

  • farooquefarooque Member Posts: 3

    what a minute ... bKash to Payooneer ?  did I see it right ? which mean I can load BDT and transfer it to payoneer MasterCard and pay anywhere online and use it as Mastercard ?  I think that's not permitted from bangladesh government and it's against the banking rules ..
    more than that Bkash it self broke many Banking rules already so who cars .. money talks

  • pricedhostpricedhost Member Posts: 1

    Obiviously every Bangladeshi will vote for yes for both option who have a payoneer card. Nice to hear from you Payoneer! Please take a consider look at the charges  too :)

  • onibdonibd Member Posts: 1

    It will be just Great. Cause in Bangladesh we have no much option to withdraw or Up dollar.   And most of the people in Bangladesh Use Bkash to transfer money and buy verious services... 

    So dont need to poll. Just do it asap.  We need it Badly. 

  • Nahid AnwarNahid Anwar Member Posts: 1

    bKash to Payoneer and Payoneer to bKash would be more than awesome!

  • shafrushafru Member Posts: 1

    Yes! Yes!

    I need both options ( bKash -> Payoneer and Payoneer -> bKash ) with no/less transfer fee.


    Thank You

  • sumonsumon Member Posts: 2

    Go ahead Payoneer

  • masud3fmasud3f Member Posts: 1

    bKash to Payoneer & Payoneer to bKash, we want.

  • johneyboyjohneyboy Member Posts: 6

    Yes please,please make it available for us on both ways!

  • samirkumardassamirkumardas Member Posts: 1

    Please add this feature soon!

  • Z. TanvirZ. Tanvir Member Posts: 1

    Thumbs On!

  • mdminhazulhaquemdminhazulhaque Member Posts: 1

    Mastercard supports withdrawal from any ATM in the world that have Mastercard logo. So receiving funds from bKash to Payoneer would be more effective, although I want it both ways. Great initiative indeed!

  • QuamrulQuamrul Member Posts: 3

    Yes, Definitely, I want this service as a Bangladeshi!!!


    I appreciate your offer :)

  • mhmehadimhmehadi Member Posts: 1

    bKash to Payoneer and payoneer to bKash would be great great and great  .... we dont have paypal in our country, they rejected us because of some weird problems!!!!! it will great if payoneer integrate receiving and payment service with bKash. i will definity use it.

  • jaherm9jaherm9 Member Posts: 1

    If it's made b-Kash to Payoneer or Payoneer to b-Kash it's gone awesome for specially Banladeshi Freelancer.

  • kazirhutkazirhut Member Posts: 2

    It would be a great news for Bangladeshi online users esecially freelancers. Hope fees must be reasonable for both bkash n piyoneer card holders. Pls Welcome to Bangladesh with your responsible services.

  • ChowdhuryChowdhury Member Posts: 1

    No doubt, it would be great if Payoneer enable this feature for Bangladeshi Payoneer user.  :thumbsu: 

    But beside this my humble request is, think about Bank integrated system which will be more authentic and cost effective solution for user. Don't you think it would be more functional using same feature via Bank!

  • msufaisalmsufaisal Member Posts: 1

    Well..............No doubt about it. Offer is appriciated as Bangladeshi.

    Ready to enjoy it ASAP.




  • abutalhaabutalha Member Posts: 1

    I am using bKash as my banking transaction. If payoneer add bKash as a transaction method, It will be great not only for me but also for every Bangladeshi. We need it! We need it! We need it! ASAP. 

  • milonsultanmilonsultan Member Posts: 2

    We Want this service ASAP in Bangladesh

  • tapashjttapashjt Member Posts: 1

    Add this ASAP

  • jubairjubair Member Posts: 1

    Bkash is rapidly growing money transfer company in bangladesh. We want payooneer integrated with bkash. Its such a great idea and it will help the Bangladeshi people a lot. Thanks for the idea and we want your help to get this activated on Bangladesh ASAP.


  • mahadi7mahadi7 Member Posts: 1

    Actually this will be very effective to Bangladeshi people..

  • megbalokmegbalok Member Posts: 2

    Its really great idea ! Hurry up, we really get lot of benifit if you provide this feature.

  • hassantanvirhassantanvir Member Posts: 2

    We, users from Bangladesh, all are very excited! Payoneer is doing really good! Highly appreciated.

    Hassan Tanvir
  • bdplanetbdplanet Member Posts: 17 ✭✭
    edited November 2013

    bKash is most popu;ar mobile banking in bangladesh, we will be very glad if you add this feature, And Paypal Not support bangladesh payoneer is one of the way to withdrow money in bangladesh so we need more friendly use of payonner in bangladesh.

  • coderpointcoderpoint Member Posts: 3

    It would be great opportunity to all Bangladeshi (Payoneer user). I am waiting to get this service soon. 

  • rookie6600rookie6600 Member Posts: 1

    I'd love this facility if it is integrated. It is a great strategy and it will be easier for local freelancers to avail the services of payoneer. The service would give us an additional method of withdrawing money which is overwhelmingly great. :D I am looking forward to it like many others.

  • Boder HaddiBoder Haddi Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2013

    very excited for this feature. when it will available

  • manamana Member Posts: 1

    Yes, it will be a great option for us. We know that there are a lot of Payoneer card holders in our country(Bangladesh)  And if this process starts then, the number of Payoneer user in Bangladesh will increase more rapidly.

  • Hasibur96Hasibur96 Member Posts: 1

    Great News.  :yahoo:  . We faced lot of problem when we wanna load money in Payoneer. if Payoneer add with bKash so it's so easy for me. Please add with bKash asap.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  • shawn01721shawn01721 Member Posts: 1

    It will be best for us to withdraw money &deposite money. please add this feature as soon as possible.

  • rbn100343rbn100343 Member Posts: 1

    Dear Admin,

    I would like to inform you that it will be better news if you integrate Payoneer to bKash and bKash to Payoneer. Many of the Bangladeshi Payoneer can easily withdraw and load their amount by this system easily. So I hardly requested to you integrate this service as soon as possible.


    Prodip Chandra Sutradhar

    Payoneer user

  • Quadrix...kQuadrix...k Member Posts: 2
    I think this is a great Idea and great feature. Please add this service. We really need this.
  • Quadrix...kQuadrix...k Member Posts: 2
    It would be great if you add this feature with payoneer... We really need this...
  • TanmayTanmay Member Posts: 1

    Hi Nissim.

    Please add this service as soon as possible.
    We need Bkash to Payoneer and Payoneer to Bkash.

    Many Thanks

  • nashid1234nashid1234 Member Posts: 1

    Thanks for the decision..we need this asap :)

  • shahalom.aminshahalom.amin Member Posts: 1

    Thanks You Payoneer, It will very much helpful for primary shopping online.

  • foyzbdfoyzbd Member Posts: 1


    Mr. Nissim, many many thanks for thinking to start this facilities in Bangladesh. BKash is the top popular mobile banking platform of Bangladesh, which already give service to all kind of people(people from various profession). Actually there is no legal way to upload money in foreign currency from Bangladesh, so we cann't buy anything from international market legally. We(freelancer's) also facing problem to get payment from our foreingn clients. I think if you start this facilities as early as possible for us, you will get both popularity and success.

    Again thank u very much & good luck.



  • mazidulmazidul Member Posts: 6

    Yes, I need this option.

  • mahbub_statemahbub_state Member Posts: 1

    Hello Admin:


    This is great idea from payoneer. I have US varified card, that was applied from another country but now I am staying in Bangladesh. Will I able to use this feature?



  • masudrajmasudraj Member Posts: 1

    What an idea :thumbsu:

  • rokiblancerrokiblancer Member Posts: 1

    Just bring is on  :crazysmile:

  • amirshagoramirshagor Member Posts: 1

    I love Payoneer,
    we like to add bkash with payoneer.

    we will be oblige.
    Thanks to payoneer

  • ramkrishna_bramkrishna_b Member Posts: 4

    It will be great if you add bkash in your withdrawal method. I am using both service for long time and i am very much pleased with that.

  • Member Posts: 1

    Dear Payoneer, Please do it as sson as possible. It will be great help for Bangladeshi. Thank for this query/vote. :thumbsu:

  • FaAnikFaAnik Member Posts: 1
    Nissim wrote on October 16 2013, 3:16 PM: »


    Are you from Bangladesh? If so, this question is for you!
    Do you currently use bKash? Would you be interested in an option to withdraw from bKash to Payoneer, or from Payoneer to bKash? Let us know!


    This is a very innovative service if it launches successfully in Bangladesh. Eagerly waiting for this service in Bangladesh.

  • dotsilicondotsilicon Member Posts: 1

    its a great idea

  • emon535emon535 Member Posts: 1

    This would be a Great News for Bangladeshi, bKash is very much flexible and if Payoneer do some link up with it , Bangladeshi people can do much more Quick operation. Thanks for the initiative . 

  • gsshaungsshaun Member Posts: 2

    Would be really great.

  • rajib8rajib8 Member Posts: 1

    I'm from Bangladesh. Using Bkash more than a year. The service is just fantastic. It would be great if you guys introduce this feature.

  • murad2014murad2014 Member Posts: 1

    Thanks for taking this timely initiatives :)

    We all Bangladeshi would love to see bKash integrated with Payoneer.

    But please make sure to margin the Withdrawal Charge, Conversion Charge & overall Transaction Cost.

    As most of us are not very happy with ATM withdrawl, bcaz the overall Transaction Cost is very high.

  • suvash824suvash824 Member Posts: 2

    Yes I am from Bangladesh and I am interested in an option to withdraw from Payoneer to bKash.

  • omarfaruq6247omarfaruq6247 Member Posts: 1

    I want "bKash to Payoneer" and "Payoneer to bKash" very very soon. :thumbsu: 

  • abulbashar1953abulbashar1953 Member Posts: 1

    It is a nice idea for Bangladeshi user. But there is problem that i can tell because bKash does't support to receiving money from abrod. It will better for Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking or MCash because both support received money from abrod. More over both have swift coad. However thanks payoneer for nice idea.

  • zicobabyzicobaby Member Posts: 32
    Nissim wrote on October 16 2013, 3:16 PM: »


    Are you from Bangladesh? If so, this question is for you!
    Do you currently use bKash? Would you be interested in an option to withdraw from bKash to Payoneer, or from Payoneer to bKash? Let us know!



    That would be a GREAT help for the Bangladeshi Freelance Community, if Payoneer supports the bKash platform.
    Then we'd say HELLO to bKash and SEE YOU LATER to PayPal :goodjob:

  • zicobabyzicobaby Member Posts: 32
    abulbashar1953 wrote on November 4 2013, 7:50 AM: »

    It is a nice idea for Bangladeshi user. But there is problem that i can tell because bKash does't support to receiving money from abrod. It will better for Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking or MCash because both support received money from abrod. More over both have swift coad. However thanks payoneer for nice idea.


    I don't think, that would be good idea, if DBBL Mobile Banking / MCash becomes a partner of Payoneer.

    DBBL Mobile Banking / MCash isn't wide-spread yet in Bangladesh; not even in the capital city Dhaka like bKas exists.

    So, if bKash moves their hands forward; that would be the best thing in the history of Freelancing movement in our country.

  • zicobabyzicobaby Member Posts: 32
    murad2014 wrote on November 4 2013, 6:37 AM: »

    But please make sure to margin the Withdrawal Charge, Conversion Charge & overall Transaction Cost.

    As most of us are not very happy with ATM withdrawl, bcaz the overall Transaction Cost is very high.


    Good Point :goodjob:

  • turjoturjo Member Posts: 1

    Many of us are waiting for this feature. Please add this

  • Hi,

    Mr Nissim


    I want to say not only bkash, you must thinking DBBL( Dutch bangla mobile banking) & other digital e-wallet.


    Many many thanks

    Shahnewaz Rahmani

  • shohag.kaysar0shohag.kaysar0 Member Posts: 1

    Great step..It will make Payoneer Most popular i Bangladesh..About 85% people of Bangladesh are using bKash for their daily needs..Wish Payoneer will give us the opportunity very soon..

  • arifsclickarifsclick Member Posts: 1

    I would like to get money on Bikash From payoneer. It will be really helpful and useful also.

    So it will be most welcome to us.

  • mimjoymimjoy Member Posts: 1

    Thanks for this fantastic  idea... Good luck ....  :thumbsu:

  • moin1407moin1407 Member Posts: 1

    I want this service as soon as possible!!!

  • mamunsrizonmamunsrizon Member Posts: 1

    This is what I'd say:  :yahoo:

  • swopnopokaswopnopoka Member Posts: 1


    This option will be great for us, I mean for people of Bangladesh.

  • fahim86fahim86 Member Posts: 1

    It will awesome if payoneer really start providing this service at cheapest rate. I know a large number people start using this service and it will be a huge achievement Bangladeshi people.

  • rasel2112rasel2112 Member Posts: 2

    please  open the service  it is so useful for al bangladesh user .

  • poorbdpoorbd Member Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Yes We Want Bkash option, But bkash Withdrawal Charge too much, Bkash Rather than charge the company without any notice !

  • poorbdpoorbd Member Posts: 10 ✭✭

    But You Can Active Bank wthdrawal System For Bangladesh , it's better . thank you

  • meshkatunnaharmeshkatunnahar Member Posts: 1

    Please adding bkash, It's very helpful for our all freelancer....

  • imti_11imti_11 Member Posts: 5

    As soon as possible please add this feature please . And make sure , we could load money on PAYONEER MASTER CARD from our first load .


  • shanonshanon Member Posts: 1

    I used bkash and would love to load payoneer card with bkash account as this is very hard to load the card from Bangladesh. I have a card which I did not activate yet thinking about the hassle while loading the card. The transaction fee should be very low and reasonable. If this is the case, then I would definitely use the card regularly.

  • realtimerealtime Member Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Yes, that would be great to enable the option:

    Payoneer --> bKash

    bKash --> Payoneer .


    Please also consider the low transaction fees.



  • HossenHossen Member Posts: 1

    adding BKash will be great.I also recommend to load money in card as like Neteller. Hope it will launch soon.

  • sa_bakkarsa_bakkar Member Posts: 1

    Great! Please add this service as soon as possible.

  • milonsultanmilonsultan Member Posts: 2

    of course

  • abirabir Member Posts: 1

    Beside bKash you should add a gateway with other banks like Brac Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank, EXIM Bank. Large amount transactions aren't safe with bKash. So please think about it. Kind regards

  • imti_11imti_11 Member Posts: 5

    Hi Payoneer Admin , when we get the bKash as our payment gateway ?

  • Sharif1Sharif1 Member Posts: 8

    Yes , We want it . 

    Its a Great opportunity for us .  

  • rasel2112rasel2112 Member Posts: 2

    We soon want this option ..........( Payoneer to Bkash ...........) ........ We want it

  • ashfaq Rahmanashfaq Rahman Member Posts: 5


    I am ashfaqur Rahman

    It a very grateful proposal of payoneer authority if they can do it. If it happened a lot of Bangladeshi will be interested to apply for payoneer master card.

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