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we just signed up for Payoneer because we want to receive funds from our amazon account in USD.

(If we use our german bank acc in the amazon settings we will get EUR from amazon no matter if we use our german USD or EUR account).


Therefore the US Payment service was a good choice at first. But as it is only possible to withdraw the money in cash from an ATM it is not so attractive anymore for us. At the end we would have to walk a lot until the money is on our USD account in germany...


However I heard about the GBT or LBT services. Does anyone know if we can use it in order to receive USD payments from to our german USD account?


If yes  - how do I sign up for these services?


Thank you!






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    As Amazon sellers you may have the option to withdraw your earnings to a local bank account from your card. However, you will need to have an account balance of at least $20,000 in order to do this. Once you reach this balance you can contact us for info on how to withdraw to your bank account.


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