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I own a ppd website but i do not have so many users a min of 5 working daily. Some of them asked me if i can pay them using Payoneer. I saw the "LOAD MONEY TO CARD" section and wanted to use that, but someone else told me i can't until i have documents to atest that i own a ppd website. Because of the low users number i'm having for the moment i can't have for the moment those atesting documents. Yesterday someone send me some money through Load money to card section and told me I can too, all i need to do is write to you and explain my situation.

So i did:D


My question is now, can i use Load money to card for my users from now on?


Thank you


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Member Posts: 2,542 ✭✭✭

    Please note that in order to use the Card to Card service, both cards must be eligible for the service.

    Eligibility comes from being active in receiving partner and/or USPS payments.

    The Card to Card transfer is an additional service to these main two.


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