second payment under review within 2 weeks

I had a 6k payment from 2 weeks ago which was held by payoneer until I supplied my national ID and link to my amazon store. I did this and was paid out the next day. The overall delay was about 4 days
I was expecting another payment of 4k on Monday. There were no notifications in my account, no emails, no communication at all. Today I spoke to Payoneer customer service and was told the payment has arrived and it will be “a couple of days before it is reviewed” Considering I supplied you with all the documents last payment 2 weeks ago I do not understand why I am in review again and having my payments delayed again. Our business was relying on this money to arrive to purchase more inventory. Now the staff in Australia and China will be sitting there doing nothing while we wait for payoneers couple of days (3 days currently) to review the payment. 
It is truly so inconvenient for any serious business to operate like this. We simply cant wait potentially over a week for our money. We put all our funds back into inventory as we are growing rapidly. We are a legimate business, with a legitimate amazon account which sells low risk products and has 96% positive feedback. Our products are mobile phones cases and stylus.
Payoneer, what is the problem that it could potentially take a week to release this payment? Can you please give us a more certain day when your review will be complete so we can plan around it?
Also can you please tell us if this review is going to occur with every payment in the future? Our next payment will be around 9k then we expect to grow to 30k per payment within 6 months. If there is so much uncertainty around the receiving dates it will make our business very difficult.
We are happy to supply any documents or identifaction you require to allow our payment s to run smoothly. Please advise us of what we need to do to allow this process to run more smoothly.
I hope you can answer these questions in open forum as I am sure a lot of other people would also be interested to know.
My Email on the forum is the same as my payoneer account. 
Thank You
Lu Qian Ru


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    I've checked this myself and with the relevant department.


    We sent you an e-mail on October 31 requesting additional information, and have not yet received your reply. Once you provide us with the requested information we will be able to verify your service, and future payments will be funded within 24-48 hours of being received (normally within minutes).


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