What Happens To Payoneer In Case Of Default Of Belize?

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I've Just read this news

Moody’s downgrades Belize again – Debt Rating sinks further into junk territory

Belize City, June 4, 2012

Belize’s economy, under the Barrow Administration’s control, has been on a steady, one-way, down-spiral course. This was confirmed once more by the bad news that the nation’s debt rating had been downgraded, again, by Moody’s credit rating agency.

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What does this means for Belizean companies and specifically for Payoneer ?


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    Payoneer payment solutions in Belize is wholly owned by Payoneer Inc, a US incorporation. Payoneer cardholder funds are kept in a US bank, and are FDIC insured.

    Additionally, Choice Bank is a private offshore bank, whose financials are closely monitored and are very strong.