Why are my posts to this forum being censored?



Over the last week i have tried to post onto this forum about my problem with your payment system however the posts have not appeared other than the first one.


I really just want my problem fixed and I seem to be getting the run around from your company.


1. Many contacts with your customer service team with online chat. No clear answer from them other than it  will be looked at in the next few days. Today someone said it will be looked at today however it is nearly the end of the business day and i have had no response from payoneer

2. Trying to post to this Forum and my posts are not even appearing other than the very first one.


Payoneer, what is the problem? This payment delay is causing be great distress. I was supposed to pay an employee wages on monday and i could not pay them because the amazon payment is now 10 days overdue. 


Please post this to your forum and provide me with some clear answers, i beg you.


Thank You

Lu Qian Ru


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    We do not censor specific posts, however we do have a filter for new members that requires all posts to be approved for a certain amount of time. This is in order to prevent spam on the forum.


    In regards to your pending payment, I do see that we requested additional information and you replied to our e-mail. While I cannot personally assist with this issue (it's not something we can assist with on the forum) I assure you that our US Payment Service department will be getting back to you within 24 hours (if not sooner).

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