Payonner and car rental?



I am traveling to Portugal this summer and I plan to rent a car for whole time I am there.

After I have done some checking online, all car rental agencies say that they will only accept credit cards, not debit.


I need to know will they accept payonner card. I have heard that altho payonner is debit card, on pos terminals and online purchases it looks as credit so it should bee accepted, I want to know is it true, if it is not to try to get american express card from my bank.


Does anyone has expirience with car rental agencies? If you manged to rent what agency you used?





  • Nissim
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    Hi Nikola,


    I have personally used the Payoneer card to rent a car, however this really depends on the car rental agency. They can charge your card as "credit" and it will work as long as you have sufficient funds on your card to complete the payment.


    I cannot say for certain, you will need to confirm this with the rental agency.

  • velasko
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    I tried to book a 2-day car rental on Budget today but the website rejected my Payoneer card twice. And yes, I double-checked the number, address, CCV number, etc.

    Also, be aware that in case the car rental company accepts your card, you should have enough funds not only to complete the payment, but for any pre-authorization amount the might hold until you return the car.
  • Nissim
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    I would suggest contacting our customer support department so that they can check your detailed transaction history and provide information on why the charge did not go through.

  • velasko
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    I'll do that Nissim because the question is not only why the charge did not go through. I still have 2 pending autorizations for a transaction that wasn't succesful!


    Take a look:



    By the way, the transaction I was trying to do was for $64.93 (??)


    I know you can't help me here with this. I'll contact customer support right know, but I just wanted share this here first.


    Thank you!

  • Nissim
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    Usually when a charge is pre-authorized for a car rental company, it is placed with an additional up to 20% amount, to ensure you have sufficient funds available to complete the purchase. When the merchant then completes the charge this pending hold on funds will be released and the actual amount charged.


    It seems that in this case they requested a pre-authorization, which Payoneer approved, but then they did not complete the transaction. This pending hold on funds generally expires within 7 business days - customer support can provide you with more specific information.