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I've been almost about one year using payoneer

last withdraw i've made Payment ID: 8570606

its status was waiting for approval


then got email from payoneer request some informations! however i've been a year using the account and getting withdraw from one single same paypal account and tends to use it only but it looks like regular accounts check


Instantly i've replied with all needed docs


And now 48 hours passed and still waiting

however the usual approval time was 24 hours.


Ticket code is LTK12153010154840X



Is this seems okay or something wrong ?!



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    I see that it has been a little less than 48 hours - it usually takes 2-3 business days for the department to review the information.

    Please note this is a standard procedure - we must perform re-reviews due to regulation.


    You will updated via email regarding this.


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  • abdelilah.sbaaiabdelilah.sbaai Member Posts: 3

    I'm experiencing the same problem, I'm using Payoneer since 2011, I never had any kind problem with it before, but now I have a payment waiting for approval for days! I've sent all needed information to verify USPS, and still waiting for a response from us payment service department.


    Ticket code: LTK12153010183171X


    8572521 11/25/2013 08:46 Payoneer Direct Depo... $323.18 ICO-Pending.png Payment waiting for approval
  • abdelilah.sbaaiabdelilah.sbaai Member Posts: 3

    My payment has just been approved this morning, right after the USPS service.

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