My US payment got improved .. so what!

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I've spent over a year with payoneer and i'm really very satisfied


Today i've email saying that my US Payment got improved


New bank name,routing number,account number and now i can get paid from any US company upon request. ~ All thanks to payoneer



My questions please help cause this is important to me.


1) At the moment i can not change my old bank account informations, i've added already to paypal so can i still use the old one for my paypal with no further problems ? - i only use it for paypal -


2) I've noticed that at my new improved US Payment profile this :-




Am i in this case verified and ready to use the new bank informations or still have to over again upload documents however i've already sent it during requesting my old US Payment profile and i was approved ?



Thanks in advance


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    Any payment transferred from PayPal will automatically go to the new bank details and through that to your Payoneer card. Don't worry about this process.


    Regarding the questionnaire - perhaps it's because we've updated the service. Continue receiving payments and should we need more information or anything we will contact you via email.

    Also - from now on, when adding your USPS details to other sites, use the new details provided. Thank you!


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