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How can i set up my payoneer card to receive revenue from fiverr gigs?


  • Romi
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    If you already have a Payoneer card, you will need to associate your Fiverr account with your existing card.

    In order to associate your Fiverr account with your existing Payoneer card, please complete the following steps:

    1. Please log in to your Fiverr account and submit a new Payoneer application, using a different email address than the one associated with your existing Payoneer account (needs to be a valid email address that you can access).

    2. Once you submit the application you will receive a reference number via e-mail confirmation.  Please reply to this e-mail with the reference number after you’ve received it.

    3. Once we receive the reference number for the new application, we will assist you with merging the Fiverr account to your existing Payoneer card.


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