Wrong Rate Conversion

Hello, okay?

I am dissatisfied with Payoneer, today I used ATM to withdraw 70US, but the amount converted to BRL, is wrong.


The correct value is 2.38 but using ATM conversion value was 2:08, a very big difference. The conversion tool from Master Card agree with me:


1 BRL = 0.42 ,so, 1 : 0.42 = 2.38


What's the problem?


70USD = 166 BRL (Mastercard Conversion Tool)


70USD = 150 BRL (Payoneer + Secret Fees)


  • Romi
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    As you've mentioned, we go by MasterCard's conversion rates, which fluctuate throughout the day - the rate you see online is the average daily rate which might have been different at the time of transaction.


    When withdrawing from an ATM there is a withdrawal fee (which you can find under your fees and pricing in your Payoneer account) and we also mention that MasterCard may charge up to 3% more for the withdrawal. These are international rates and depends on ATM, country, bank etc.


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