Payoneer fee and service charges.. a few questions


I'm new to Payoneer world and I have a few questions that I would like to clear before using my card for the first time.

1) Are 'Annual Account Maintenance fee' and 'Card activation fee' two different things? how much amount will i be charged once i load $200 in my card right now?

2) When and how is the reward of signing up through a referral i.e. $25 received?

3) Are there any monthly or any extra charges that I should be aware of, except the withdrawal charges and annual maintenance fee?

4) What if I have 0 or almost 0 balance in my account.. will i be charged any charges AFTER i load balance?


5) What are charges per transaction if I use my card on a POS machine?





  • Romi
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    Hi Hamid,


    1) The annual fee and activation fee are the same - the fee is $29.95 and is charged once you have sufficient funds.

    2) If you've signed up through a referral, you first need to earn $100 at least, and only then you and your referrer receive the reward.

    3) Once you're approved you can access a full list of fees and pricing by logging into your account. You'll find this under "General Information".

    4) See in 1

    5) See in 3


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