US Payment Service and Google Play Merchant

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I'm planning to sign up as an Android Developer on Google Play. However, I read that only few countries are supported in the Google Wallet Merchant system and my country isn't one of them. So I can't sell paid apps. But what If I create an account and set my country as the US, will Google let me sell paid apps using Payoneer's US payment service? Or should I just use my Payoneer MasterCard to pay the registration fee and just release free to play games?


If you had an experience with Google Play free and/or paid apps, please comment!


  • medalancer
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    Hello Ilhem,


    No way, you can't. If your country is not supported naively it just won't work. Plus, if Google caught you - and they will- you will can't convince them not to suspend your account.


    As a developer, the only advise I can give you if you want to sell your apps on Android Market (Google Play) is to sell free apps and monetize them with ads. That's only what you can do LEGALLY.