an Administrator read this Post please :/

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hello !! I just got my Card ! and I activated it on Payooner Site !! But when i entred to a game *Combat arms europe* and wanted to get *NX* (real money on game) and i wrote all what it says (my card number etc...) It says this message: 
La banque émettrice de votre carte n'a pas approuvé la transaction. Contactez le service clientèle de la société émettrice de votre carte si vous avez des questions. Vous pouvez également ajouter un numéro de carte différent et continuer.
Help please...


  • Nissim
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    Thanks for visiting our forum, and for choosing Payoneer!


    This issue seems to be specific to your account - I would suggest that you contact our customer support department directly so that they can check your account information and assist you further: