Card Blocked due to Bank changeover

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I received an email noting that my card had been blocked due to possible a security problem. 

Being suspicious this might be a scam, I logged in via my normal Payoneer link and not the link in this email.


I found my card was deactivated but not due to a security problem, it was due to the bank changeover.

I also have sent a query to support but due to the length of time it takes for mail to get here - 2 to 4 weeks - I've also applied for a new card.

Why was I not given notice of this?


I'm posting here due to also wanting verification of this problem as a friend has had no such problem with her card.


  • Romi
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    Hi Caro,

    Payoneer recently received an alert from MasterCard, due to a recent data breach at Target retail stores. You can read more about this issue on Target’s official website:
    While there may not be any unauthorized transactions on your Payoneer account, all cards included in this alert were closed and new cards were sent, free of charge. This action was taken in order to ensure the financial security of your Payoneer account.
    I do apologize for the error in the description that showed up on your Payoneer account. We had no pre-written explanation prepared for such a scenario but wanted to make sure that the card was disabled asap.


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