Billing And Delivery Address

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Need guidance on correct Billing Address
Hello, could you please tell me the difference between billing and delivery address. Also in my billing address i have my e-mail address, postal code and phone number. I put the postal code but without P.O. Box can it work as a zip code. Uganda has no zip code yet i think postal codes are not allowed. How then will i receive my card, and please elaborate more on shipping with regular mail.


  • Nissim
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    Your billing address needs to be a residential street address, as required by our regulators. This is the address used when making online purchases.

    Your shipping address is the address we mail the card to, and this can be a PO Box. If you do not believe the card was shipped to a correct address, please provide me with an updated shipping address (via PM) and I will have a new card sent out to you (it can be a PO Box)