Is new bank that much slower?

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I use Payoneer ACH service for AdMob payments, few months ago I receive money via ACH to old bank (FIrst Century). Last month I update ACH info to new bank (Bank Of America). AdMob send payment at 14.01. and my friend, which still use old ACH info, receive it same day.


I still waiting for payment. Is possible that new bank is that much slow, or there is some other problem? I mean, that's two days, I expect payment today but still not sure that will be done.


I check numbers 100 times, routing number, IBAN, everything! What can be problem here?




  • Romi
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    You can still use your old USPS details - sometimes payments can take up to 7 days (regardless of bank). Each account is different so I supposed it'll come in in the next few days.


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