Problem paying online with my card


I ordered something on a website (UK site) and they could not deliver my products because the transaction was refused by my Bank. That`s what they say. The transaction was in pending for 2 days and now it`s ok. They said they will send me my money back but i don`t think they can considering it`s a payoneer card. What can i do? They told me to wait for 3 working days but i don`t see how they can send me my money back. How will i get my money back? Will they be able to send them?


Thank you so much for reading and i hope i`ll get an answer fast.



  • Romi
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    If you used your card on a site that accepts prepaid debit MasterCard there shouldn't be a problem with the transaction. If the company couldn't accept the payment, it will go into pre-authorization status and the funds will be released one the merchant (vanmildert) releases them.


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