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Hello everyone.


My name Zeljko, and I am from Serbia.


I successfully received my payoneer card last week (16th january, 2014) in a very short time.


Sadly, I have no other way to load money to my card other than Amazon, because private loads are not available option. The problem is that I just started selling my e-book on Amazon, and I needed US Payment Service to register my seller account there .


I already sold few copies of my book, but the first payment will not be received approximately sixty days after the end of January 2014. So, not until the beginning of April.


Will my payoneer card be still active by that time?


Thank you for response ...


Best regards,





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    Hi Zeljko,


    Your card should not be blocked for inactivity in such a period, and you'll be able to receive the payments for your ebook sales when they come in.

    Just in case the card is deactivated, it is very easy to reactivate it once you have a pending payment. You simply contact us and the process is quick.


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  • Zel
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    Thank you very much for your quick response ....


    Until the next occasion,


    Bye ... 

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