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my situation is a long story, sorry, I'll do my best to be short :)


I have a Payoneer account registered by Odesk long ago. I haven't been using it since I think 2009 and it's become inactive.


The New Year night I withdrew a payment from Odesk. I use Paypal usually, but this time I accidentally selected Payoneer which is just near the Paypal in the drop-down list. Yes, I know that it was a bad idea to do withdrawals in the New Year night :)


Anyways, I did it and confirmed by clicking Submit being not aware that I selected wrong destination. I do that every week for many years, so it's become absolutely automatic.


I thought well, it's not a big deal, just a delay, because my card expired long ago and I'll need a new one.


So the first thing I contacted support via Web form regarding my inactive account. Here's the reference: LTK12153010520995X


I received email saying that I have to reply with my address details. I replied to this email.


After 3 days of silence I sent another email asking whether my reply had been received.


I received two emails simultaneously, one with note that all replies will be sent to the email address I registered with and another that my email with address had not been received.


I sent my address again, waited 2 days, asked again. Waited 2 days again, asked again. This was 2 weeks ago, still no reply.


By the time I sent the last email I had found that my email address where all registration emails from Payoneer are (which I thought was the email address I registered with) was not actually the right address, because Odesk registered my Payoneer account with email address <username>, and they had an email forwarder on such addresses those days which was re-sending emails to my actual email address. That Odesk forwarder address doesn't work anymore.


This might be the reason why I didn't receive any replies. But I described the situation with email address in my last email, and I see no reason why wouldn't support have answered to my actual email address even just to let me know that without that address it is impossible to restore the account. It's really ridiculous that if some old email address doesn't exist anymore, there is no way to communicate.


I wanted to try Live Chat, but it requires last 4 digits from my card which I don't have. I didn't make a call yet, thought I better ask here first. It's cheaper :). Also, it's always good to share the experience.


It's been 3 weeks now. In the meantime I asked Odesk to trace the payment. I sincerely hope it was rejected due to inactive account and returned back to Odesk, now this seems the best option. I don't really need the card, I am OK with withdrawals to my bank account.




Igor Simonov


  • Romi
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    Hi Igor,


    I'm very sorry for the delay in replies and the confusion with the email address and the technicalities of reactivating your account. I've forwarded the matter to the relevant department and you should be contacted within 1 business day, I hope they can help you quickly.


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  • moskit
    moskit Member Posts: 2

    Thank you very much! It's definitely started moving, I have received an email to my real address, so now I believe it will be resolved after all.