Card Activation where is the pin Number?

hi Romi

I know it is very silly think to ask but i am confused about my payoneer card activation process.I got my card yesterday but when i come to activate my card i don't find my pin number.My question is which one is my pin number?is it the last 4 digit of the card or something else??





  • Romi
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    The PIN is a 4 digit number you choose during the activation process - please choose a PIN you will easily remember.


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  • MilanovicB
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    I just received my card, no pin, at the activation process I was asked to enter 25 digits from the card. Is my PIN last four digits and if so, I know some cards that have system of Pin numbers assigned like that are not possible to withdraw money from the ATM. Question : is my pin last 4 digits from Payoneer card related to UpWork and can I use it on the ATMs that accept MasterCard?

    Kind regards,
    Boris M.
  • GianmarcoPayoneer
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    @MilanovicB Hello,

    Please contact our support center if you wish to know or have access to your pin of the card. Our card work at any ATM or merchant that accepts Mastercard.

    Thank you.

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