Can we change the "ronting number" and the "acc number" ?

can we change the "rounting number" and the "acc number" ? 

i have been disbaled on paypal.. because it has appeared that i dont have the permission to have double account :( using them at the same time .. so now i cannot add my bank details to the other account .. they wil say i have an account :(  and i cannot delete it from the other account coz its freezed


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    I think its not possible for you to get new account / routening number from payoneer. You can discuss the matter with payoneer online chatting staff if there is any possibilty.

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    We provide you with bank details and cannot change them. If this is a PayPal issue (as it seems to be), I suggest contacting them directly to resolve it. If they're unable to, you can try contacting our support department and see what they can assist with:


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