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Hi All,


I am new here and this is my first post. I am from India and want to get into internet marketing. I would like to monetize my websites by using Google Adsense on my websites. 


Getting a Google Adsense approved account in India is next to impossible these days so i have been thinking of alternative ways in which to do this.


My question to all of you is wether it would be possible for Payoneer to help me set up a US bank account so that i could apply for a Google Adsense account using my US bank account and then have a debit card from Payoneer tocash out the funds recd, in my US bank account from an Indian ATM. 


Does payoneer help in this way? If it doesnt then is there anyway you guys can suggest so that i can get approved?




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    Unfortunately our US Payment Service only available to cardholders and we cannot provide our card to Indian residents due to RBI restrictions.

    I'm afraid I cannot help you with Google.


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