Withdraw to loacal bank account?

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I have two question
1- What the difference between the payoneer community forums &the support team?
2-I want ask about the withdraw fund from paynoeer to local bank account i read this service is exist but when i ask the support team they said im unable to withdraw my fund to local bank in my country (iraq) i still confuse about this i hope the paynoeer forums team explain to me about this .thanks


  • Romi
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    The forums are here to join the community together, answer questions, raise idea and share them. We can also help with certain things but we are limited - we're not customer support. In a lot of cases we cannot help and this is why we direct people with their issues to support.


    The withdrawal service is a new service and it is currently limited. If you were told the service is not available it is because currently we do not support Iraq


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