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I am very very happy with payoneer services.
My elance payoneer card has reached in my hand and I have loaded the mastercard with money form

one more thing need to clear.As a freelancer few of my client pay me directly through paypal.
Now I have 345usd paypal balance and need to transfer from paypal to my payoneer mastercard.

so how I will get your us payment service to transfer the money?

please help me.


  • Nissim
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    Hi Hossin,

    Please e-mail me at [email protected] with a request to apply for the US Payment Service, and I will make sure it's reviewed as soon as possible.
  • hossin
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    edited July 2012

    I have sent a message to <[email protected]>
    all my details has given into the message.

    thank you
    arif hossin
  • Mohsin Hijazee
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    Hi Nissam,
    I am from Pakistan and I do not have a PayPal account but yet I have to receive my card by mid November. A client from Australia has a PayPal account and they want me to pay through their PayPal account. Would that be possible that they transfer money to my Payoneer Card? Or a way for me to invoice them via Payoneer? Or what other options I have here?

  • Nissim
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    Hi Mohsin,

    Thanks for joining our forum.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like we will be able to provide you with a solution for your situation. Our US Payment Service allows you to receive funds from PayPal, but in order to do so you need to have a valid PayPal account with the ability to withdraw to a US bank account. We do not currently support direct loading of the prepaid card via PayPal.
  • AtelierEdge
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    I have a client that wants to hire my services, but can only pay through paypal. Can I use the US payment service to recieve the payment from my client?
  • chimesonyia
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  • chimesonyia
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    this is my amazone email payments address [email protected], and this is my paypal email payments address [email protected] is my ebay email payments address [email protected] i want all my payments to be tyransfer to my payoneer bank account email address now [email protected]
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