The minimum amount of money on MasterCard

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Hello, tell me please, what is the minimum amount of money must stay on my MasterCard (from Payoneer), when I withdraw money in bankomat? I mean can I take ALL money that are in the card, leaving there just $0.02? Will my card still be active? And when next month will come and there will be the time for taking monthly fee ($2), won't my card be inactivated because there will be no money (just $0,02)?


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    There is no minimum amount required for your to leave on your card - you can withdraw the full amount. If you have a $0.00 balance for the entire month, no monthly fee will be charged for that month. 


    If you have $0.02 at the beginning of the month and do not receive any payments that month, we will only charge that amount as the monthly fee.


    Your card will not be disabled unless there is an extended period of inactivity. In that case, you can always log into your Payoneer online account and re-enable the card at any time.

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    Thank you so much for your answer.

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    For first withdrawal, what must be my minimum balance before I can make payments