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MaoHsin Member Posts: 1

Hi, I am signing up for a Payoneer account as I need to receive money to my bank account here in Taiwan.

 Does anyone know.

1. What are the fees associated with getting a wire to my local bank here in Taiwan?

2. What percentage do they charge for each transaction?

3. Do I need a Payoneer card to get a wire? Or do I just sign up on Payoneer and select the Global bank transfer option without getting a card?

Thanks! for the help.



  • Romi
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    Our withdrawal to bank service is a new service we've been rolling out and is not yet available for all accounts. There's no other method to transfer payments to a bank account and we hope to introduce the service to more accounts in the future.


    If you're working with a Payoneer partner who pays via our GBT service, you can receive the payments directly to your bank account, without a card.


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